DOSTv is for Every Juan in the Filipino Household

DOSTv is for every Juan in the Filipino household. “Why?“, you may ask. It is because its programs matter to everyone in the homes of the Filipinos. Read until the end to find out.

What is DOSTv?

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First, let us find out what DOSTv is. As you may have already known, DOSTv is the official weather and science program of the Department of Science and Technology or DOST. It is produced by DOST’s Science and Technology Information Institute (STII).

DOSTv airs science and technology (S&T)-related programs from Monday to Friday via its online platforms, www.dostv.ph, www.dostv.ph/youtube, facebook.com/DOSTvPH at various time slots.

Established in May 2016, it has been serving the Filipino masses for more than four (4) years. It has garnered various awards from different institutions including the 2019 Anvil Award for National Priority Plan 2020.

Why does DOSTv exist?

Next, let us look at the reasons why DOSTv exists. There are three (3) goals which form part of DOSTv’s existence.

First, with its tagline, “Science For The People”, it primarily aims to communicate that science is for everyone. That science is all around us and affects us, the Filipino household, in many ways.

Secondly, DOSTv also aims to promote a culture of science and technology (S&T). That is why it features various S&T topics that are truly relevant to many Filipinos nowadays. Said topics most of the time are related to our day-to-day living.

Lastly, DOSTv aims to raise the aspirations of the Filipino youth to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). It presents STEM in a fun, cool way to attract youngsters to venture into STEM-related careers in the future.

What are DOSTv’s Programs?

Now that you know what DOST is and why it exists, let us now find out why “DOSTv is for every Juan in the Filipino household”.

DOSTv hosts programs such as PAGASA’s Weather Report, DOST Report, ExperTalk, among others. These programs are relevant to everyone.

Read further to know more about their programs. Here is a list of the programs that shows that DOSTv is for every Juan.



Surely, all of us in the Filipino household needs to be updated about the daily weather. Daddy needs to know the weather prior to going to work. In this way, he would know whether he is going to wear something cool on a sunny day or something thick and long for a rainy day. Daddy also needs to make sure that the house is ready if a typhoon is coming. Next, Mommy also needs to know the weather so that she could plan out for the day. She would either do the laundry or iron the clothes in the morning. For the kids, knowing the weather also helps. It is easier for them to plan out what time of the day to play outside.

Where else could you get weather updates, other than the country’s authority on weather, DOST-PAGASA? Surely, you will never be outdated in getting your daily weather updates and water level reports.

DOST-PAGASA streams their reports daily, helping the people be more informed and prepared.

2. DOST Report

Balik-bayan OFWs Can Be Technopreneurs w/ DOST-SETUP featuring

Next, we have DOST Report. It is an online weekly show of DOST aired over DOSTv every Friday at 4:00 pm. DOST Sec. Boy dela Peña himself provides the report with the assistance of the host, Onin MirandaDOST Report airs new and relevant news as it relates to health, the future, and livelihood.

In our recent article, Balikbayan OFWs Turned Technopreneurs, we discussed about how the program DOST-SETUP gives hope to aspiring entrepreneurs. This episode was aired in DOSTv as a special DOST REPORT episode.

In the said episode, despite the clear difference of their fields of businesses, the featured technopreneurs still benefited greatly from the DOST-SETUP program. SETUP stands for Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program.

So, if you (or your parents or your siblings) aspire to be an entrepreneur or if you’re about to start a business but have financial troubles, then this program is for you! Kick-start your journey on becoming a successful technopreneur with DOST-SETUP. Contact your respective DOST regional office now about the DOST-SETUP program.

3. ExperTalk Online

dost expertalk

Thirdly, we have ExperTalk Online. It is a program hosted by Gel Miranda and aired on DOSTv every Wednesday at 5:00 pm. The show invites experts from various fields to talk about topics that can be helpful to Filipinos. Said topics range from health, livelihood, nature, environment, and many more, that appeal to every one in the family.

In our article Pandan Queen And The Benefits Of Pandan, Dr. Maribel Nonato was featured in this episode of ExperTalk Online. So, you can check it out to know about the health benefits of Pandan and how Dr. Nonato made this amazing discovery.

Aside from Pandan Queen, some of the previous topics that have been discussed in ExperTalk Online were the following:

4. NegoSiyensya


Next, we have NegoSiyensya. It is a program that tells us that science can also be a business. It features various ways science can be used for business. Moreover, you can get to know more about how DOST helps aspiring entrepreneurs with their livelihood goals through the programs, SETUP and Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST).

5. SineSiyensya

Lastly, we have SineSiyensya. It features various true-to-life stories that have benefited from S&T interventions. Each episode shows compelling stories that document the journey in learning more about S&T.

Surely, DOSTv is for every Juan in the Filipino household. It is because its programs do not only focus on one topic but talk about things that can be useful to every one in the household.

DOSTv on Mobile

You can also watch your favorite programs and updates easily by using the DOSTv application, available on the Playstore.

Helping DOST in Bringing Science to the People

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