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Food Safety Tool for Home-based/Online Food Sellers

FSSAT is a web app where home-based and online food sellers can ensure basic food hygiene is established from their kitchens up to customers. FSSAT Webinar for Home-based/Online Food Sellers Last November 27 2020, DOST-CALABARZON hosted a Facebook live webinar ...

DOSTv is for Every Juan in the Filipino Household

DOSTv is for every Juan in the Filipino household. “Why?“, you may ask. It is because its programs matter to everyone in the homes of the Filipinos. Read until the end to find out. What is DOSTv? First, let us ...
Flora and Fauna

Pandan Queen and the benefits of Pandan

Pandan (also known as screwpine) is a common but usually overlooked plant here in the Philippines. Normally, said plant is added to rice because of its fragrance. But did you know that the Pandan plant has more uses than that? ...