These Underrated Local Businesses are Taking Social Responsibility to New Heights

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helped Philippine companies move beyond mere profit generation towards sustainable business strategies. In other words, our homegrown labels are choosing to do what is right and gaining more than their profit-driven competitors. Their efforts to value communities and the environment at large have helped encourage sustainable lifestyle and create a ripple effect in the society.

Social responsibility seen in Filipino brands

These 5 local businesses who make sure to practice social responsibility will inspire you to take your company to the next level with their products and services that are creating a positive impact in the world one customer at a time.

Heisel’s Pasta and More

Heisel’s Pasta and More’s cheesy samgyupsal is baked to melty perfection, prepared to satisfy its loyal customers. Source: Heisel’s Pasta and More.

Passion for cooking and the community fueled nutritionist from Los Banos, Heisel Mei Orobia, to venture in the food business. Heisel’s Pasta and More started in the midst of the pandemic, serving locals mouthwatering pastas, Korean fried chicken, and samgyupsal. It garnered attention in the local online selling community, Elbids, and soon earned Heisel loyal customers and positive reviews.

But what makes this food enterprise stand out is putting compassion at the top of its company values. Orobia uses the profits of Heisel’s Pasta and More to help those in need. She has organized food drives, provided students with financial support, and donated to the victims of Typhoon Ulysses.


(Photo) NIñOFRANCO’s creative director collaborates with the Mindanaoan women in creating a face mask collection featuring different indigenous weaving patterns. Source: When in Manila

From tees and skirts to kimonos and barongs, this fashion brand has made a mark in the international market championing not just indigenous fabrics but the community it represents as well. NIñOFRANCO aimed to preserve Filipino culture and generate jobs by partnering with women-led micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from T’boli, Blaan, and Tagakaulo ethnolinguistic groups in “creating contemporary ethnic pieces that are uniquely Filipino and Mindanaoan.” 

NIñOFRANCO has successfully brought our roots and cultural heritage to modern times through fashion.

Colourette Cosmetics

(Photo) Colourette Cosmetics boasts of their vegan and paraben-free colourbalm -a gloss and balm in one. Source: Colourette Cosmetics

9 years in the beauty game and Colourette Cosmetics’s product line has already become a “holy grail”  for many Filipinas. It has provided a range of affordable beauty products from lipstick, highlighters, tinted balms, and so much more -everything a Filipina needs to feel confident in her skin. Not only does it boast of creations for Filipinos, and by Filipinos, but it also believes that “cruelty has no place in make-up”. Colourette is certified cruelty-free by PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program.


(Photo) Massage in a bottle, an ECOCERT-certified massage  oil,  is one of the most loved products by Leyende’s customers. Source: Honest and Local.

“Love the earth, love yourself” is what Leyende stands for in the creation of their skincare products. Not even a year launched, the brand has already become a fan favorite as it covers all aspects of skincare for a variety of audiences from hair products to pregnancy creams. They have done this while staying committed to their environmental responsibility.

It uses certified organic ingredients from plant sources that don’t include chemicals in its harvesting process. According to Neva Talladen, owner and creator of Leyende, they have opted for organic ingredients because it does not contaminate groundwater and soil with harmful chemical residue.

Econtainer Philippines

(Photo) Econtainer PH offers eco-friendly alternatives for all your needs, from straws to food trays. Source: Econtainer Philippines

Econtainer PH provides eco-friendly food packaging solutions by creating compostable containers. Their food service disposables made from sugarcane bagasse help in reducing the waste generated from single-use products without paying for extra. All of their products from boxes, cups, bowls, food trays, and straws are also food-grade certified, and thus, drive consumers to continue trusting in their creation.

It’s your turn

The Philippines is in need of entrepreneurs like you who can bring something new to the table. But in doing so, make sure that you do not put the environment and your community in the line. The companies mentioned above are only a few out of the many enterprises that are changing the business landscape for the good. Their success is a testimony that boosting the economy goes hand in hand with caring for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Digital Marketing for your Socially Responsible Business

TRipples shares the same commitment for Corporate Social Responsibility in their TRipples CARES program. Here they have assisted MSMEs in promoting their products and services free of charge. If you want to boost your business with the help of digital marketing, email us at letustalk@tripplesph.com and be part of TRipples CARES.

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