How to enjoy unlimited call and text in the Philippines

Here are some tips to enjoy unlimited call and text in the Philippines.

Tip No 1. Get the right sim card for you

It can be Smart, Talk n Text, Sun, Cherry, Globe etc. Just go to SIM Card stores nearest you. In the Philippines, you can buy it almost everywhere. If your phone has dual sim card slots, then you can buy SIM Cards from both network groups – Smart and Globe. That way, you can have the option of using the other SIM when the signal of the other is weak.


Tip No. 2 Load up your SIM Card

There are options of having regular load or load packages which have a mix and match of everything – call, text, data, etc. Ask the SIM Card store staff and they could give you practical tips on what packages suit you.


Tip No. 3. Subscribe to the chosen package

Let’s say you are using Smart, you can load P350 to enjoy a whole month of unlicall to the same network and unlitext to all. Just text UCT350 and send to 9999. Then you can enjoy 1GB for FB Messenger, Viber and whatsapp + Unlicall to Smart/TNT/Sun+ Unlitext to ALL networks for 30 days.

On the other hand, if you are using Globe, you can load P350. Text GOUNLI350 and send to 8080. Then you can have unlicalls to Globe/TM/Chery and have unli all net texts and 200 MB surfing valid for 30 days.



Tip No. 4.  Check the mobile network prefixes below prior to making a call or text

It is important that you are aware and well-versed with these prefixes so that you would know which SIM Card to use, if you’re using dual SIM phone, or know whether to make a call or just send a text message or SMS.

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  1. gizel 9 May, 2019 at 18:19 Reply

    HI Blessed,
    Thanks for the article
    but I cannot find anywhere
    in https://smart.com.ph/prepaid/promos/validity/30-60-days
    about UCT350 and send to 9999

    Would you direct me to a smart.com.ph link?

    I am interested to buy prepaid credits
    aka load worth PHP 500 and subscribe to
    Unli-CALL & TEXT by
    typing/text UCT350 and send text to 9999 to

    Thanks for the article.

    Kind regards,

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