Foodpanda and Globe Creates a Wonderful World for the Riders

Foodpanda, a mobile food delivery market place, collaborates with Globe Business. To supplement the functions of their riders by providing continuous communication with the customers. The Globe KaPanda Plan 500 designed with riders budget in mind. Thus for only 500 pesos per month. Riders can enjoy 2GB allowance for Business Surf, 1GB allowance for Waze, and unlimited calls and texts to all networks. According to Ms. Jeramie Memoracion, the Senior Account Manager of Globe Business, this plan is intended to ensure the productivity of foodpanda’s fleet.

Foodpanda and Globe Creates a Wonderful World for the Riders

She says, “We wanted to help them [foodpanda riders] make their jobs more convenient and hassle-free so that they can provide the best experience to their customers. We are also expecting a bulk number of applications in the first week of launching this project, so we’ll use the feedback from the riders to help us improve our offer”.

Foodpanda shares the same sentiments with regard to how this campaign expected to impact the riders.

“We at foodpanda are witness to the amount of effort Globe Business put into crafting the optimal postpaid plan for our riders. With everything their party is offering our fleet. We cannot deny their role in supporting the daily operations of our riders, therefore spearheading the increase in their productivity alongside our other partners,” says Jao Manahan, the Community & Communications Manager of foodpanda.

Both parties also expressed their eagerness alongside one another in the future.

Foodpanda and Globe Creates a Wonderful World for the Riders

“As a whole, we are looking for more projects with foodpanda, depending on what they need. For now, I’m targeting the digital marketing atmosphere. To have a collaboration that involves an offer to the foodpanda customers,” says Memoracion.

“This only marks the start of what we can do alongside Globe Business. The Globe KaPanda Plan 500 is only one of the many things we had in mind for our riders, and the public’s warm reception of this campaign only fuels our desire to deliver more programs that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved,” Manahan added.

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