Tropang Alamang: Flavored Bagoong to Partner with Your Favorite Dishes

Tropang Alamang is offering new varieties to the Pinoy-favorite condiment!

Pinoy dishes known to have intense flavors, but even with that, we love to add variety of sauces and condiments. Likewise, one of these well-known Pinoy condiments is the salty yet flavorful bagoong. Alamang, or the bagoong variant made with shrimp paste, is usually best to pair with kare-kare, steamed vegetables, and green mangoes, to name just a few examples.

The thought of good alamang partnered up with crunchy green mangoes is making your mouths water for sure! Imagine the possibilities if your alamang was even tastier than the classic variant we’ve all known to love.

Tropang Alamang

Only established this year, this start-up brand already brought a fresh take to the well-loved alamang. Currently, they have three flavors: Hamonado, Bicol Express, and Adobo. In conclusion, Tropang Alamang combined classic Pinoy dishes with bagoong! And it isn’t even artificially flavored.

The co-founders of Tropang Alamang, Rusty Ventulan and Raymond Magadia, are both OFWs who devoted two years to create the best recipes for their flavored bagoong. Just one bite into their products and you’ll definitely taste the difference.

“It’s like eating a dish and sauce in one,” says Rusty.

Tropang Alamang

Hamonado Flavored Alamang

The Hamonado flavor adds a lot of sweetness and a little bit of holiday flavor to alamang. For a spicier and creamier variant, Bicol Express is the one to try. And, of course, for stronger burst of flavor, Adobo in alamang version your best bet.

Tropang Alamang is only the first line of products under Tropang Negosyante, an enterprise that takes pride in locally-made products made available for Filipinos wanting to start their own business through reselling. All in all, they currently have reselling packages for Tropang Alamang! Just check out their Facebook page to learn more.

Generally speaking, be sure to watch out for their upcoming products and new flavors as well!

Altogether, who knew that our favorite classic alamang could have a tasty upgrade? That’s all thanks to Tropang Alamang!

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