This Dessert Sampler Will Definitely Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The Philippines has officially broken the world record for the longest period of quarantine in the world. That is also how long it has been since we were able to go out and buy our favorite desserts. For someone with a sweet tooth, it has definitely been a challenge. Fortunately, the Cake Cartel comes to the rescue with their pastries that will have you asking for more. The Cake Cartel creates homemade desserts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge your guilty cravings
this quarantine and beyond.

The Cake Cartel

The Cake Cartel offers a variety of baked-to-order goods with tried and tested flavors. What makes them unique is the concept behind their company. As their name suggests, they aim to become “dealers” of the best sweets in town. Their treats may be drug-free, but this does not prevent them from being addicting. The pastries they offer will easily get you hooked, but rest assured. their products are safe and preservative-free. In line with their theme, the name of their products are a play on the names of known mafia personalities.

 The Cake Cartel Sampler Box

The Cake Cartel

Wondering what to get? If you’re having a hard time choosing from their sweets, the Ultimate Sampler Box would be your best bet! For only Php420, you’ll get to try all of their bestsellers – three of each of the following: Pablo Esco’bars’ (Chocolate Revel Bars), Bugsy (Carrot Squares), Chonkey Monkey (Choco-Banana Cupcakes) and Gorilla AG (Double Choco-Banana Cupcakes). With all of the different flavors available in this sampler, your cravings are sure to be satisfied.

The Cake Cartel’s Pablo Esco’bars’  Revel Bars

The Cake Cartel
The Cake Cartel’s Pablo Esco’bars’  Revel Bars

The Pablo Esco’bars’ is the Cake Cartel’s revel bars. Just the sight of them is already mouthwatering as you see all the chocolate incorporated in the bar. The taste is just as good, and it definitely will not disappoint you. With how chewy and gooey these chocolate treats are, they are definitely worth the calories.

The Cake Cartel’s Bugsy Carrot Cake

The Cake Cartel

The Bugsy is the Cake Cartel’s take on the classic carrot cake. These carrot squares are filled with fresh carrots, raisins, and chopped walnuts; and generously topped with baked cream cheese frosting. The cream cheese complements the cake very well and there is also a fair amount of nuts and raisins inside that give the carrot cake a unique texture.

Chonkey Monkey is their version of a choco-banana cupcake. The cupcake has the perfect texture without being too dense or too airy. It is very soft and moist and the best part is when you bite into their chocolate chips. With each bite, you can really tell that they use quality ingredients in baking their treats.

The Cake Cartel’s Gorilla AG Double Choco-Banana Cupcakes

The Cake Cartel

The Gorilla AG (aka double choco-banana cupcakes) is perfect for chocolate lovers! With double the amount of chocolate compared to Chonkey Monkey but with the same moist cupcake base, this is an indulgent treat that will make you want more.

Treat yourself and your loved ones today with The Cake Central’s #LegallyAddicting and #HighlyIntoxiCAKEing treats!


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