Cherry Ion Personal Wearable Air Purifier launched

Keep your loved ones safe from airborne bacteria

To help protect us from airborne bacteria, Cherry Mobile has announced a very timely product this quarantine season, the Cherry Ion.

The Cherry Ion is a personal wearable air purifier that emits 50 million negative ions per cubic meter to help its user breathe safe air in close proximity to the 3 ft radius.

Cherry Ion Personal Wearable Air Purifier
Cherry Ion Personal Wearable Air Purifier

This purifier is designed to keep us safe from airborne bacteria, destroy pollutants that may cause asthma and allergy, and eliminate smoke and dust for more comfortable breathing. Cherry boasts that it can create a 3ft zone of cleaner and healthier air.

Some of the key benefits of negative ion from the Cherry Ion Personal Wearable Air Purifier:

  1. Shield you from germs, airborne viruses, dust, and molds in the air
  2. Help prevent colds
  3. Lower stress level
  4. Strengthen the immune system
  5. Improve immune system
  6. Improve blood circulation

The Cherry Ion Personal Air Purifier is portable and stylish with 12 hours of battery life. It can be recharged via micro USB.

Cherry Ion Personal Wearable Air Purifier
Cherry Ion color family

It is available in Black-Silver, White-Gold, White-Pink, and White-Rose Gold colorways.
The product has an SRP of PHP 3,500. You may check the Cherry Mobile Facebook Page to purchase this item.

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