Create a strong bond with you toddler in this FB live consultation

Hi Mommies and Daddies! Johnson’s is back to once again with another round of the School of Gentle to help you and your baby during this time! We know that at this age, it’s extremely important to create a strong bond with our toddlers. However, because the option to go outside is not available, bonding moments may feel limited at home.

Johnson’s wants to change that, and we’re here to help you create more bonding moments with your babies! We’ve invited musician, vlogger and Johnson’s Celebrity Mombassador Saab Magalona to share some tips and activities that she does with her two young ones. Together with her will be model, host and fellow Johnson’s Celebrity Mombassador, Divine Lee!

Additionally, we want to hear your baby bonding questions and concerns as well! Send us your questions, concerns, or difficulties when it comes to creating those special bonding moments with your baby, and our two celebrity moms will try to answer them during the live!

Watch out for our FB LIVE consultation on May 12, 7PM on the official Johnson’s FB page!

See you there, mommies and daddies! Keep safe and healthy #choosegentle #stayathome #JohnsonsBabyPH

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