Your Favorite Lucky Me Pancit Canton Is Back!

Lucky Me Pancit Canton with Egg

Lucky Me for the Filipino

For more than two decades, Lucky Me’s Pancit Canton has been a favorite of the filipino household. This is the kind of snack the people of all ages are really going to love.

Lucky Me Pancit Canton
Lucky Me Pancit Canton

We all loved the original. There was never a boring phase with the flavor choices of Lucky Me’s masterpiece, and that always got us excited whenever we would see a new flavor at the grocery.

Lucky Me Pancit Canton has gotten a makeover

When talking about local instant noodles, one of the top-of-mind choices is Lucky Me’s Pancit Canton. This is no surprise, really. The brand has been around for quite a while now, making it a constant for many Filipinos growing up. In addition, their selection is extensive— from Original to the well-loved Kalamansi, Chilimansi, Sweet and Spicy, and a Spicy variant for those who like it hot.

Lucky Me Pancit Canton is back

Lucky Me Pancit Canton
Lucky Me Pancit Canton now with thinner noodels

A few years back, these stir-fried noodles were given a makeover. The packaging had a new design, and the instant noodles changed shape— from a rectangular block to a round one. Although Lucky Me said that the seasoning remained the same as before, some people (such as myself) thought otherwise.

Not anymore, though. Towards the end of March, Lucky Me revived the old-school Canton for their bestselling Kalamansi flavor. These are the same thin noodles we all know and love from back in the day – and it looks like it’s here to stay!

The old-school Lucky Me Kalamansi is now available in leading groceries, convenience stores, and supermarkets in Luzon. As for whether they plan on rolling out these for other variants, only time will tell.

What’s your favorite Lucky Me Pancit Canton flavor?

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