Inner Light Work Retreat

May 1 at 12 AM – May 3 at 12 PM
Batangas City
Hosted by Inner Light Working

Is this you?
1. Does your everyday life revolve around work, paying the bills, restless sleep, and little energy left for anything else?
2. Do you desire real and lasting change, if only you knew how?
3. Are you stuck in the same negative drama day-in and day-out with little direction or purpose in life?
4. Have ever felt a gnawing feeling in your chest that you were meant for so much more? that you matter?
5. Have you woken up in the middle of the night wishing for a way to reset your life?

We heartfully invite you to journey deep into the unknown, to that part deep and unseen within you. There, your True Self awaits to become whole. There you can bring light and love and true healing.

Cap your 2019 with the Inner Light Working Retreat. We have strategically scheduled this event for you before we all hunker down for the Yuletide and all the lovely busy-ness that that entails.

We begin the Retreat with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, to connect to your own music, your personal expression, to join in with the Community Song.

In this safe space, we shall Open Our Hearts and rediscover the Heart Song that is humming in the Universe.

Meet and greet and embrace your Inner Child. Let Him or Her come out and play.

Discover the root of your Control Drama. From this new perspective, you can see the unlimited and inexhaustible nature of energy to heal you and ultimately set you free.

Because your healing catalyzes the healing of your whole family and loved ones, we shall venture deeper into the art of Ancestral Healing. This is an inter-generational Soul work which affords you the opportunity to compassionately pry open with the gentle light of your powerful heart those parts in you which cause pain, confusion, and negativity. This Light not only illuminates but also heals.

We end the retreat with a Solemn Bonfire to symbolically release what no longer works for you. Here, we can let go of attachments and fears. This creates Sacred Space in you for the newness which has been waiting since the dawn of Creation.

Your own healing heals the planet. Come and be made whole. Your Soul awaits you.

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