Here’s How You Can Undo Sent Messages on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Is Finally Letting Us Undo Sent Messages on Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg finally gave the people what they’re asking for— a button that undoes an already sent message!

Anyone who is using messenger can now delete or ‘undo’ messages they sent, as long as it is within a 10-minute timeframe. This is apparently a feature that he has been personally using for some time now but has only been made available to the public now.

The feature started rolling out on February 5 for Android and iOS devices. With it, users can tap on a message they want to delete within 10 minutes after sending it. There are two options: 

Remove for Everyone or Remove for You. Tap whichever one you’d prefer, but obviously, the ‘remove for everyone’ option is the one that prevents others from seeing it.

It deletes your message, but there will be a note that informs that you have removed something from the conversation.

The the undo feature was announced in late 2018, when people found out that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg—and presumably other executives—can delete their messages on the app, which led to complaints among users of the platform.
Earlier, Facebook tested the beta version internally in 2018 before making it available to the public.

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