Live concerts online for free? Watch Maroon 5 and many more…

This list circulated through many group chats.

Hence, in moments like these in which concerts are cancelled and/or postponed until Covid-19 is monitored, we turn to Youtube to watch our favorite artists’ live performances.

As can be seen, checkout the list below and enjoy watching these live concerts:

Youtube live concerts

Imagine Dragons – https://youtu.be/76SHFNSMF90

Youtube live concerts

Ed Sheeran – https://youtu.be/lR3vIjAZDnM

Youtube live concerts

Maroon 5 – https://youtu.be/cCck1LN0OGM

Bruno Mars – https://youtu.be/l95_Qws3Ixg

Coldplay – https://youtu.be/Db7lTNQWvpM

Also, here is the other Youtube link for more live concert to choose from while you’re on a community quarantine:

To sum up, start watching your favorite artist live concerts now on Youtube for free.

Youtube live concerts

To summarize, tell us what’s your favorite concert among the list?


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