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Things a Beginner Should Consider Before Having a Plant

As many things this years becomes online based like work and learning. Many looks for something to be productive of like gardening. Taking care of a plant might sound easier than having a pet, but it is not when you only just know how to put a seed in the soil and water it, then expect nothing at all. Having a plant is like having a pet, it also needs attention and care, and the knowledge to take care of one. That is why we’re here to share some things to consider for those planning to have one of their own.

Things to Consider

# 1: Location

Probably the most important one, before even planning on gardening at the first place, consider if the location you’re in or planning to start one is suitable for gardening. Many people starts shoving seeds in the soil without even knowing if the place they are in is suitable for the plant, instead of planting what you want, you should choose the plant suitable for the kind of location you have. One must consider the space available, since you don’t want to grow a massive tree in your small place in the urban areas, just get some small plants instead. One must also consider the temperature the location you are in, since you don’t want to grow tropical plants if you live in places that is mostly winter, might as well in the desserts. You should choose the plant that will grow in their fullest in the location you’re in.

#2: Purpose

After considering the location, you should decide whether if it is for indoor or outdoor, for display only or for producing crops. One must know that there are plants only for outdoors and indoors, and you don’t want to put a crop-producing plant inside your very home, unless that house is well-designed for accommodating that kinds of plants, which beginners wont usually have. You don’t also want to put indoor plants outdoor, unless they are the kinds of plant that can handle the outside. Knowing the purpose you want can greatly help you in choosing the right plant for the garden you want.

#3: Type

Now that you’ve considered the location and purpose, you should now go consider the type of plant that suits you. When I say “that suits you”, I mean your lifestyle or behavior. Are you someone that can put a lot of attention and time, or are you the type that wants it “low maintenance”?. Considering yourself, if you are able to put a lot of time and attention, you can take care of crop-producing plants, while if you are quite the busy or lazy type, plants like cactus will suit you very well, since you only need a place with enough sunlight, and they don’t require frequent watering like other plants.

#4: Research

Knowing is better than knowing nothing at all, but knowing more is better than just knowing something. Having a little research or learning won’t hurt you more than unknowingly taking care of an animal or plant than can hurt you just because it looks cute, beautiful, or awesome, etc. You are not a baby, you don’t swallow anything that caught your attention and choke later on. Or you can just also ask someone who is knowledgeable if you know one, or if you are not the shy-type.

“Research” should probably the first to consider, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t have a plant in your place anyway. In the first place you already know how to “research” if you are here reading this.

Fun Fact:

Expert or experienced gardeners are like wizards, they can sometimes make plants grow in places they shouldn’t usually grow, sometimes they don’t even consider the things written above. They would sometimes even take care of a random plant they saw because it looks good and get hurt in the process like a baby. That is why “research” is in number 4, because it is already too late for them to consider it.

Stay safe you’re a beginner after all.

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