5 Reasons Why You Should Start Adding Mushrooms Into Your Meals

Mushrooms are not quite a popular part of the Filipino cuisine. They are usually found in foreign dishes that the Filipinos adopted. You would rarely see mushrooms added into Filipino dishes except for their all-time favorite sweet spaghetti. The reason for its quite rare appearance in the Filipino dishes might be because rice is the staple crop. Moreover, many farmers are not that into introducing a new crop that is not sure to sell well. This explains the reason why there are fewer farmers who cultivate such crops and is also the reason why there are only few mushrooms in the market.

The Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms

They Are Rich In Flavor

Mushrooms are considered as vegetables, but unlike typical vegetables, mushrooms have a meaty flavor called “umami”. This such flavor is only present in meats and some fermented foods. This vegetable can be used as an alternative for meat for its umami flavor if you are a vegetarian or planning to reduce eating meat, without missing the meaty flavor in your dishes.

They Are Rich In Essential Nutrients

Mushrooms are also packed with essential nutrients. They contain antioxidants that prevent severe illnesses, vitamin B6 that is good for your brain and blood, and potassium for your muscles and blood pressure. They also have zinc for better immune system, which is also essential for the growth of children. Mushrooms also contain vitamin D, which is good for strengthening bones and for muscles to work properly.

We get most of our vitamin D from animal products, supplements, and sunlight. Eating mushrooms can be convenient for those who don’t eat a lot of meat, and for those who don’t get much sunlight. It is also ideal for those who only get most of their vitamin D from supplements.

They Are Good For Your Diet

Aside from being packed with nutrients, mushrooms have less cholesterol and calories, that make them perfect for those who want to lose some weight or maintain their ideal weight. Since mushrooms already have a bit of salty flavor from the umami, you’ll need less salt, thus reducing your sodium intake.

They Can Keep Your Body Healthy

Some studies reveal that mushrooms have nutrients that can prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. This is due to its antioxidants content that can prevent severe illnesses. They can also keep your heart healthy due to its low sodium and cholesterol content unlike meat and help your digestive system, since it can promote the growth of good bacteria in your digestive tract to boost your immune system.

Use Less Synthetic Chemicals

Unlike your typical vegetables, mushrooms don’t need much insecticides since pests attracted to them usually only come from unsterilized composts. So, if cleanliness is maintained, there’s a little need for insecticides. Most mushroom growers don’t use preservatives, or if they do, they only use a very minimal amount, since some mushrooms can be sold dried.

Notes Before Consuming Mushrooms

It is common sense to know things first about the food before consuming it. Know first your compatibility with the food to avoid possible allergic reactions, since some people are allergic to certain types of food. More importantly, know for certain that the mushrooms you are about to eat are not poisonous.

Thus, it is important that you should not eat wild mushrooms if you don’t have the sufficient knowledge. Eating recklessly will bring you more harm than good if you act like you know it all. It takes a considerable amount of experience and expertise to tell which mushrooms are edible and which are not. To be safe, people should only eat the ones from the market, for those are approved by the experts in mycology and by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

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