Why Should You Trust Science?

Science in the Philippines has contributed to the development and innovation of the country throughout the year. It has helped the economy in many ways, creating better solutions to the underlying problems that the country is currently facing. With Science, there is more to the community and the environment that we live in. With that regard, the DOST Science news gives you enough reasons why you should trust science for the betterment of the Philippines.

Reasons to Trust Science

Science has had its fair share of contributions to the Philippines. Although some would think of it as a waste of time, science is an excellent investment for every individual who aims to make a change in the different fields of study. But unfortunately, some people don’t understand the scientific processes and the many laid-out information in the table. That is why their belief in discoveries has been limited and closed. Today, we list some reasons why you should trust science, so you are able to change your viewpoint and embrace the new era of innovations and inventions.

Scientific inventions

There are several inventions that science has contributed to the world. It has involved different kinds of studies in developing better designs to help people in their everyday lives. Before it became a successful invention, it had undergone numerous tests and trials to effectively create valuable and helpful innovations. Some well-known designs that have been very helpful to people today are artificial intelligence, medical imaging, the internet, DNA, and more. 

With these scientific inventions, there is no doubt that science has been a trustworthy systematic study that has improved the lives of Filipinos. It has become the most remarkable scientific breakthrough, putting our country and the world in good condition.

Climate change solutions

Science has been the leading contributor to climate change solutions in the Philippines. As scientists have discovered and understand climate change and the leading causes of this global issue, it encourages them to find better solutions that can reduce the ongoing climate change in the country and the world. That is why they have made a global consensus to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create modern technology to combat climate change.

With the solutions created by several scientists and experts, science has positively impacted our weather and climate in becoming a climate-friendly path for the Filipino people.

Valuable health discoveries

When it comes to discoveries, science is the area of study that you need to trust. It is because local and foreign scientists have continued to create valuable findings that could help the community survive numerous illnesses and deaths, just like what had happened at the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, no one knows the solution to the underlying problem. Still, through experiments and research, scientists are able to create numerous vaccines to protect every individual from the deadly virus. With that, everyone has been safe and covered, thanks to the valuable health discoveries. 

And as more health challenges are known every year, like the different variants of coronavirus, researches are conducted to fight against the top health concerns people are experiencing today.

More technological progress

Technology has been widely used by many. And with the help of science, it led to more creation of new technological progress. This progress significantly impacted the different fields and industries of our country, making it a great advantage to level up the people’s livelihood. That is why trusting science leads to more transformational inventions in transportation, communication, and learning. With these technological advancements, there is incredible progress in how people live and how they handle specific circumstances and situations. 

With the help of science, there is a significant advancement not just in technology but also in the country’s socioeconomic status. But that said, you should trust science more for better results and outcomes.

Ecosystem building and development

We are the biological community that interacts with our ecosystem. With that regard, we are the ones who will hugely benefit from all the development that will be happening in our country. That is why science is essential in building an ecosystem that can create effective interventions to mitigate changes in specific fields and areas such as health, infrastructure, education, etc. And with science, the building and development of our ecosystem are backed up with scientific data and necessary information, so the decision-making process of these actions is solid and stable.

Improving the Filipino people’s lives is the main objective of Science, where significant development has addressed the people’s concerns at the local and national levels.

Trust Science for a better Philippines!

Science has helped our country in many ways, from everyday undertakings to fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. It has given solutions to the crisis that have tested the lives of many. But along with the challenges, science has contributed significantly to nation-building, development, innovations, and more inventions. That is why it is your responsibility to know and discover the broad spectrum of science and how it affects our lives and the country that we live in.

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