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The Best Solutions that You Can Make to Reduce Climate Change in the Philippines

The Philippines is vulnerable to the many impacts of climate change. It is because the country is highly exposed to numerous natural hazards such as landslides, cyclones, floods, and such. Although we are rich in natural resources, the increase in depleted resources has provided a critical ecosystem in which we live. Without proper shoreline protection, flood control, and soil stability, climate change will continuously affect the Philippines and will cause devastating damage to the economy. However, as we always hear from weather news in the Philippines, there are lots of best-known solutions to change the climate shift.

Climate Change Solutions

There are several ways to reduce climate change in the country. Although it does not work overnight, what matters is that it changes the current status one step at a time. So, aside from listening to weather news in the Philippines to keep yourself updated, here are the solutions you need to follow to steer the country toward a cleaner environment and a climate-friendly path.

Go for renewable energies.

Renewable energies free our surroundings from all toxic substances as these are made of natural processes such as wind, hydropower, solar, biomass, and geothermal. With these energies, you can use electricity that does not affect the climate and travel on a vehicle without worrying about the chemical effects it would bring to our health and our surroundings. So as early as now, change your main energy sources to renewable energies and enjoy life without destroying our ecosystem.

Do air pollution prevention.

Air pollution is one of the environmental issues the Philippines and the world have faced through the years. As more and more factories were established and built, the number of toxic substances never ceased to increase. With that, you can create a change by simply controlling your emissions at home. Reduce the use of fossil fuels and always limit waste for cleaner air. Take note, the effect of air pollution prevention does not happen instantly, but at least you are doing your part of making positive to changes to the world.

Practice sustainable transportation.

A sustainable transportation system has a low impact on the environment that we live in. In the Phillippines, there is some presence of sustainable transport, such as electric buses, trains, metro, bikes, scooters, and electric vehicles. These public and private transport are practiced in different parts of the country, but most people rely on the traditional transportation system we grew up with, such as the jeepney and other road vehicles. So if you are highly concerned with our current environment and would like to reduce climate change one step at a time, rethink your transport method and support eco-friendly transportation.

Preserve the marine ecosystem.

The Philippines has been rich in underwater marine life, making it the home of many marine creatures. That is why it is just right that we do sea and ocean preservation best to save the lives of fish and other marine life. Aside from that, preserving the marine ecosystem also keeps the ocean in good shape, especially since it is the most extensive storage of greenhouse gases. Therefore, as a person with the will to reduce climate change, you can make a difference by using environmentally friendly products and never throwing anything into the ocean.

Make waste management a habit.

One of the causes of climate change is the waste that is thrown everywhere. This waste can cause different kinds of land, water, and air pollution. With that, making waste management a habit is the key to a better environment. You must adapt your production method to your consumption method to reduce waste. You can start with waste management segregation in your home, community, and work. With proper waste management, you are contributing to making the Philippines a climate-friendly country.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

No one can forget the 3Rs. This circular economy has been taught to us since we were still a kid. Using this solution will effectively help our country become better in many ways. Reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic and other recyclable materials is the first step to saving landfill areas and freeing up some space as the materials are collected for more use. For example, plastic bottles can be used as home decorations, bags, and furniture. Every material can be processed and recycled depending on what and how you want. You need to be creative and wise.

Make a change for a climate-friendly country!

The Philippine government and its partnered agencies and organizations have continuously worked to improve the country’s weather conditions. In that regard, Filipinos are encouraged to perform the above-mentioned solutions in building resilience despite the weather and climate extremes in the Philippines and the world. So if you want to learn more about climate change in our country or are looking for recent weather news in the Philippines, feel free to visit our website today.


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