Filipino Inventions that Make A Sounding Contribution to the Science and Technology of the Philippines

In the Philippines, several inventions are created by several Filipino scientists. These inventions have contributed to the country’s development and even the world. Some innovations were even recognized by foreign countries, where Filipino scientists were awarded and recognized by featuring some Filipino scientists who have given quality research. With this, the DOST channel gathered all the essential information about the inventions to provide you with the full details of these surprising discoveries.

Filipino inventions 

There are several notable contributions that Filipino scientists have given to the country. But the following remarkable things have significantly elevated Filipino living standards and impacted national development.

Bamboo incubator

The modern medical incubator was helpful for premature babies who need to be helped out with their typical underdeveloped and low body fat. But of course, not all people have the privilege to use this kind of equipment as it is expensive and inaccessible to some. This problem was seen by Fe del Mundo, a pioneering pediatrician who aims to help people living in rural communities without electricity. She was determined to address this issue, so she decided to develop a life-saving machine that does not cost much and can be easily reproduced. 

The bamboo incubator can be used by heating it with a cushion of hot water bottles lining a bamboo basket. It is then covered by a hood that will feed oxygen into the incubator. This brilliant invention is an effective alternative to the traditional incubator as it is inexpensive and easy to produce. 

Mango flowering

There is no denying that the Philippines is one of the great sources of mangoes in the world. However, the mangoes are imported from other countries as Philippine mangoes have a sweet and fascinating taste. With this regard, Ramon Barba was able to think of a brilliant idea on how to supply the increasing demand of people who like to avail of the Philippine mangoes. Although most farmers already use smudging to keep up with people’s requests, Barba sees this method as expensive, tedious, and causing air pollution. That is why he thinks of a better alternative that does not harm the environment. And that solution is with the use of a chemical spray called Ethereal. 

This chemical has effectively made a prolific mango production and has revolutionized the mango industry. The fruit expected to be harvested once a year has been available all year round, making a big boom to mango farmers and resellers.

Video phone

You won’t believe it, but the two-way virtual call that we enjoy now was invented in 1955 by a Filipino physicist and engineer. The inventor was Gregorio Zara, who was one of the many proclaimed National Scientists in the Philippines. With his goal to create better communication with everyone by seeing each other through virtual calls, he decided to develop a new technology. And that is when he was able to invent the ever-famous videophone. 

The videophone enables the caller and the recipient to see each other on television while talking on the telephone. It is the precursor to all the video telephony that we use today. And as Zara completed his invention, he introduced the device to people and later patented it as a “photo phone signal separator network.” Today, the videophone idea has traveled so far and has become a common practice that people have been doing throughout the world.

Artificial coral reefs

As coral reefs have slowly decreased in number year by year due to natural and unnatural causes, Angel Alcala was able to come up with a better solution. He began finding the answer through thorough research that would give him an idea of what he should do to solve this issue. With the gathered data, Alcala concluded that an artificial reef is the best alternative as it can provide excellent shelter, food, and other elements for the ocean’s biodiversity in the Philippines. With his specialization in marine biology, he could attain and make his research come true.

Alcala devised an idea to make artificial reefs from materials such as scrap tires, bamboo, concrete blocks, and nondegradable synthetics. Today, people widely use artificial reefs as they can effectively provide a stable growing area for corals.


Indeed, Filipino scientists have brought the name of the country to the world with their incredible and surprising scientific inventions. Moreover, their contributions greatly impacted the world, where innovations are used in and out of the country. As more and more Filipinos are eager to develop solutions for the current problems, it is expected that the list of inventions will keep on growing over the years as the young generation of inventors and scientists are goal driven, competent, competitive, and intelligent. If you are interested in science and technology, visit the DOST channel for more.


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