COVID-19 Projects Relive Pinoys’ “Bayanihan Spirit”

LIST of big bros aiding through covid relief projects

COVID-19 Projects are initiatives that help alleviate the devastating impacts of the virus.

The pandemic has caused the country’s recession. Citizens and businesses alike struggle to survive and thrive.

To help address COVID’s devastating effects, some organizations have stepped up. Specifically, these organizations, regardless of their nature and size, have initiated COVID-19 projects. These projects support our fellow Filipinos in their own unique ways. Check them all out below:

1. TRipples

Oplan Big Bro as TRipples’ COVID-19 Project

Oplan Big Bro TRipples

TRipples is the Philippines’ digital marketing company that creates positive ripple effects. It has launched “Oplan Big Bro” or OBB to raise funds for thousands of businesses and millions of Filipinos affected by COVID-19.

Oplan Big Bro is a strategic fundraising campaign to fight COVID 19. OBB helps revive shut down businesses to go digital and create a more massive alternative income stream for those who have lost their jobs.

Additionally, OBB works by encouraging the Big Bros (Brands, Government Agencies, Individuals, and Philanthropists) to help the Small Bros (MSMEs and Ripplers (TRipples’ Online Community) in going online.

For instance, the participating Big Bros will donate Pay-It-Forward Packages to MSME Small Bros. These packages will help MSMEs go digital. At the same time, it will also provide income through online means for Filipino Small Bros. Specifically, they are our countrymen affected by COVID but are able to promote online.

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Philippines announced that all of the company’s “committed advertising space and budgets will be redirected towards supporting COVID-19 relief and response efforts for the most affected communities.”

Through its Foundation, the company has redirected P150 million to various stakeholders. First, around P12.5 million was granted to the UP Medical Foundation, Inc. and the TOWNS Foundation for the purchase and distribution of PPEs for more than 42,000 medical frontliners all over the country. Secondly, around P15 million grant was given to Caritas Manila Inc. for the distribution of food packages for poor families in Metro Manila. Lastly, part of the budget is earmarked to support its distributors comprised of sari-sari-stores and carinderias.

3. Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP)

Next in line is Philippine Business for Social Progress or PBSP. It is the largest business-led NGO in the country. It leads the business sector in helping reduce poverty in the country. PBPS has programs in health, education, environment, and livelihood.

Last March 19, 2020, PBSP launched a fundraising campaign called Bayanihan-Musikahan. It was an online musical campaign to raise funds and help vulnerable groups and communities. It was a music marathon of local artists who performed live online. Said artists encourage donations from the public.

Upon its conclusion on May 30, 2020, the campaign garnered more than P122 million of funds. PBSP Donor Report disclosed that the funds were used for the following:

  • Food Packs for Urban Poor Communities
  • Food and Shelter for Homeless Families
  • Support for Indigenous Communities and Artists
  • Support for Community-Based COVID-19 Care Centers

4. Aboitiz Group of Companies

Fourthly, we have the Aboitiz Group. Notably, it has donated P100 million to Project Ugnayan. It is a collaboration of local companies that allows them to purchase gift certificates worth P1,000 and donate it to poor and vulnerable families.

On the other hand, Aboitiz Foundation has also started Help Our Health Workers Fight COVID-19. The money collected from the fundraiser will be used to help health workers and supply them with PPEs.

5. Ayala Corporation

Next, Ayala Corporation, the biggest in the Philippines, launched many COVID-19 Relief Projects. For example, the Ayala Corporation has allotted P2.4 billion for the wages of its employees and partner employers during the lockdown in Luzon.

Additionally, Ayala Malls waived rental fees of the businesses that were not allowed to operate, amounting to around P1.4 billion.

Lastly, the corporation supports TASK FORCE T3 (for Test, Trace, Treat). Basically, it is the Government’s partnership with the private sector to rapidly ramp up the national health care system’s capacity to beat COVID-19.

6. Globe Telecom

Then, we have Globe Telecom. Notably, the company supports front liners and health workers by using their Globe Rewards points feature. Funds from the feature will be used to donate PPEs to partner medical institutions. #FightCOVID19, a donation drive by Globe has been launched through GCash.

Likewise, Globe employees are also helping raise P10 million for medicine, protection gears, food, salaries.

7. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC)

jollibee food corporation

Penultimately, there is Jollibee Food Corporation. JFC is one of the largest and fastest-growing Asian restaurant companies in the world and operates in 21 countries.

Remarkably, the corporation has donated P220 million worth of food from its different food brands. Moreover, JFC also released an emergency response fund worth P1 billion. Particularly, this is to pay in advance the one-month salary and 13th-month pay for its employees.

8. Ligo Sardines

ligo sardines covid19 relief

Lastly, Ligo Sardines, one of the popular brands of sardines, also carried out COVID-19 projects. Particularly, it reallocated the company’s entire adverstising budget for 2020 as donations for COVID-19 relief efforts.

In addition, the sardines company also donated 20, 000 cans of products to the Office of the Vice President last April.

Bayanihan through COVID-19 Relief Projects

COVID-19 has caused tremendous negative impacts on society. In the Philippines, the impacts have been severe. Thus, in order to build back our failing economy, we need to help each other.

Specifically, Small Bros, such as MSMEs, need your help in re-launching their businesses in this time of the pandemic. What better way to do it other than to support businesses through Oplan Big Bro?

TRipples COVID-19 relief project

The campaign uses the “Hitting-2-Birds-with-1-Stone” strategy. In particular, it provides quality services to the Big Bros according to their needs while at the same time provides CSR platform for them to help MSME and Rippler Small Bros.

There are many digital marketing companies out there. But what makes the said company stand out? Basically, it stands out because of its Unique Selling Points (USPs) called 4Cs:

  • CPC Technology proven effective in driving online traffic
  • Community of online users and clients
  • Compensation of our online users with cash and rewards
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that helps the government and non-profits in creating awareness about their advocacies and programs.

Get in touch with us now to help victims of the pandemic and your business. Create ripple effects in the society with us. Ask us how.

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Oplan Big Bro: Bayanihan In The Time Of COVID-19

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