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Solaready Makes You Solar-Ready for the New Normal

Solaready PH Solar Panels

Solaready is Philippines’ trusted solar provider and solar distributor for residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

What is Solar?

What is solar energy

Why Go Solar?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Philippines has suffered its first recession in 29 years. Many businesses have shut down and a multitude of employees lost their jobs. Strict lockdown measures still continue to ravage the country’s economic activity.

Last August 6, Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi called on Filipinos to practice ‘conscious consumption’ of energy. He once again reiterated this call last August 9 (Sunday) to ensure the conservation of our energy resources.

With everyone staying at home due to lockdown restrictions caused by COVID-19, electric bills are rising. This adds more weight to the problems and expenses for every Filipino.

Now more than ever, we need a source of clean energy. Not only will this help us save money from lower bills, but it will also benefit our Mother Earth. In addition, this also allows us to overcome the recession and the pandemic by cooperating with other sectors.

Who is Solaready?

Solaready wants to change this and make a difference in electricity generation. With their tagline “Be your own electric company,” they aim to deliver solar energy solutions to each Filipino.

The company specializes in harnessing solar power for both small and large-scale installations. Their products can be used by simple Filipinos at home or for businesses that can power large places.

Solaready Adheres to Cleaner and More Reliable Energy for the Philippines

Every year, we feel the effects of global warming and the harsh effects of climate change. There are many factors of what causes it, but one of the main sources of global warming is over consumption of energy.

The Philippines aims to double renewable power capacity by 2030. In addition, there is another law that was signed in 2018 called Solar Para Sa Bayan (SPSB). Its goal is to end energy poverty by 2022.

Transitioning to more efficient renewable energy sources such as solar power will not only benefit the economy, but also many Filipinos. Compared to current conventional energy sources such as coal-fired power plants, solar energy can deliver lower-cost energy. It also lessens the production of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which can be harmful to the ozone layer and the surrounding environment.

By reducing the nation’s dependence on fossil-fuels and coal-fired energy, the government could make our country better. Filipinos will have lower energy costs, improved lives, a cleaner environment, and a thriving economy.

Who’s into Solar by Solaready?

Solaready solar panels adopted by celebrities (source: Solaready PH)

Derek Ramsay has already started his share in making a difference for the environment. The actor had solar panels installed in his house. Now, he is spending less on bills and helping our planet.

“My house is now running on free energy from the sun through the use of premium quality solar panels,” he said. “Not only is my home contributing to the environment because of clean and green energy, I’m saving so much on my electricity bill.”

-Derek Ramsay

Another well-known personality who switched to eco-friendly and renewable source of energy is Hayden Kho with his adorable daughter Scarlet Snow Belo.

Start your Solar Energy Journey Now!

source: Solaready PH Homepage

We only have one earth, so let us all play a part in fighting global warming. No matter how small it is in size, change creates ripple effects that eventually become big. Change starts in you. By choosing to be responsible in consuming energy, we are already starting the ripple that will change the world.

Experience Going Solar for FREE

Who says nothing is free in this world? Our country is blessed with an abundant supply of solar energy. Thus, Solaready wants 20 Filipinos to experience the benefits of going solar for free. The company is giving away 20 solar kits! Yes, you read it right. With its campaign called, Ready, Get, Go Solar, Solaready is giving 20 solar kits to 20 lucky Filipinos.

10 Filipinos have already been blessed with this home solar kit made in Germany. It comes with a 10-watt solar panel, a rechargeable lithium battery pack, an FM-AM radio, and 3 LED light bulbs with switches.

Are you excited? Click the image below to know how you can win.

The Ready, Get, Go Solar campaign of Solaready is powered by TRipples, the Philippines’ digital marketing company that creates positive ripple effects.

Get in touch with Solaready today and browse their website for other deals. You can also follow their Facebook Page to keep up to date with the latest solar products and updates.

Earn Cash and Rewards thru TRipples

TRipples promotes not only environmental-friendly solutions but also other campaigns that let you earn cash and other rewards.

Be a Rippler today and get a chance to win the FREE Home Solar Kit and MORE! Sign up here to know more. Aside from that, there are many more campaigns that you can discover on TRipples. It has a unique platform where its online users can earn cash and rewards.

Create ripple effects in the society with us.

There are many digital marketing companies out there. But what makes TRipples stand out? We stand out because of our Unique Selling Points (USPs), which we call 4Cs:

  • CPC Technology proven effective in driving online traffic
  • Community of online users and clients
  • Compensation of our online users with cash and rewards
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that helps the government and non-profits in creating awareness about their advocacies and programs.

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